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Rated: General - all ages
Summary: Coincidence can be a bitch. But maybe sometimes, it's not really coincidence at all. Maybe things were meant to work out a certain way. And maybe it's exactly what you need. AU Post-Scorpia. Jack/Wolf
Categories: Angst, Friendship, Romance, Humour
Characters: Alex Rider, Jack Starbright, Wolf
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
Completed: No • Words: 1973 • Views: 200
[Report This] Published: 19/06/2009 Updated: 19/06/2009
Rated: Restricted - no under 16s
Summary: Alex had just finished a mission in Paris when he bumped in to the last person he ever thought he'd see: Yassen. Their paths crossed on more than one occasion, and soon Alex found himself drawn in to something he didn't know if he could handle. Will he be able to cope with everything? Or will he break?
Categories: Action/Adventure, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Mission, Romance, Slash
Characters: Alex Rider, Yassen Gregorovich
Warnings: Sex, Violence
Series: None
Chapters: 2 [Table of Contents]
Completed: No • Words: 7337 • Views: 460
[Report This] Published: 05/05/2011 Updated: 18/05/2011
Rated: Not suitable for young children
Summary: Going into deep cover can be a blessing or a curse. Do it right and you're on the fast track to the top. Screw it up and you're dead. John Rider doesn't want to take that chance, but it doesn't look like he has a choice.
Categories: Mission, Friendship, Action/Adventure, Romance
Characters: Ash (Anthony Sean Howell), John Crawley, Yassen Gregorovich, Helen Rider, Ian Rider, John Rider, Julia Rothman, Derek Smithers
Warnings: Violence
Series: None
Chapters: 3 [Table of Contents]
Completed: No • Words: 5990 • Views: 214
[Report This] Published: 19/06/2009 Updated: 28/08/2010