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Summary: If you've got solid instincts for rhythm and rhyme,
MS office, a modem and plenty of time.
Here's a challenge that's easy! The rules are quite loose.
Simply tell us a story...just like Dr. Suess.

Hey, it's fanfic, the setting and players we've got,
Choose an angle and scare up a bunny for plot.

See, the sky is the limit! It's all up to you!
Could be angst or action and humor too!
But while challenges offer a framework or shell,
It's for you to decide just what story to tell.
Categories: Parody, Action/Adventure, Angst, Crack, Friendship, Romance, Slash , Het , Hurt/Comfort, Mission, Mystery, *Fests & challenges*, Humour Characters: Alex Rider
Summary: Alex is convinced that he is going insane, because he is seeing things that can't be true. He is on a mission when whatever he's been seeing is proven to be real. Bonus points if Alex becomes romantically involved with Yassen or Wolf. Extra bonus points if Alex's mission has him in the desert, where he sees actual mirages.
Categories: Hurt/Comfort Characters: None