Derek Smithers
Derek Smithers is a protagonist who has appeared in all of the novels, as well as in the film adaption. He creates the various gadgets for MI6 agents, a role similar to that of Q's in the James Bond films. It is often implied that Smithers is Alex's only genuine friend at MI6; in Eagle Strike, when Alex attempted to convince MI6 to investigate Damian Cray, he was ignored by Blunt and Mrs. Jones, but Smithers nevertheless supplied him with a high-tech bicycle that played a crucial role in Alex's investigations, and in Ark Angel Smithers took time out from his holiday to provide Alex with new gadgets when the CIA requested Alex's assistance in investigating the father of a new friend.

He has often stated that he enjoys having Alex around because he finds it a greater challenge to come up with gadgets for teenagers, as well as the final results inevitably being more "fun" than his products for MI6's adult agents. He often tries to give Alex some sort of weapon; although MI6 will not allow an actual gun, he has secretly provided Alex with little extras such as an exploding earstud, explosive geligemite ink pens, and a book with a knock-out dart in it.

Smithers is described as balding, morbidly obese, and very jovial. He often expresses dislike for other intelligence agencies, such as the CIA, ASIS, and even MI5.

In the film Stormbreaker, Smithers was portrayed by Stephen Fry. Notably in the film he doesn't appear to be at all overweight, much less obese than he is in the books. He has a somewhat stern, almost gruff, demeanor in the film, as opposed to his joviality in the novels. Fry, when interviewed for the special features of the Stormbreaker DVD release, actually says that he portrays the character as annoyed that he has to make gadgets for a fourteen-year-old, saying that Smithers would feel that his self-esteem was at risk. This is a clear contradiction to the portrayal in the books, in which he enjoys the challenge of making gadgets for a teenager.

Revealed in Scorpia Rising, Smithers is actually a thin, wiry man, who wears a fat suit. He also sounds Irish. This is the "dark, dark, secret" described about him by Anthony Horowitz.
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