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Likes: Coffee, books, classical/celtic music, (it sounds like I'm desribing Barnes & Noble, lol) watercolors, cats, and a good laugh.

Dislikes: When I make my bed up and some one comes in and sits on it. When my computer faints. When someone (you know who you are ^_^) edits my word documents by changing the names of characters.


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Challenges by Scorpia710
Summary: If you've got solid instincts for rhythm and rhyme,
MS office, a modem and plenty of time.
Here's a challenge that's easy! The rules are quite loose.
Simply tell us a story...just like Dr. Suess.

Hey, it's fanfic, the setting and players we've got,
Choose an angle and scare up a bunny for plot.

See, the sky is the limit! It's all up to you!
Could be angst or action and humor too!
But while challenges offer a framework or shell,
It's for you to decide just what story to tell.
Categories: Parody, Action/Adventure, Angst, Crack, Friendship, Romance, Slash , Het , Hurt/Comfort, Mission, Mystery, *Fests & challenges*, Humour Characters: Alex Rider